•  A World Without Pressure Ulcers

    Pressure ulcers are a serious medical condition that arise when excess pressure is applied to soft tissue, reducing blood flow and tissue oxygenation. Anyone with mobility and/or sensation deficits such as the elderly, wheelchair users, stroke sufferers, and patients in a coma are at risk of developing a pressure ulcer.    They are the #1 hospital complication.  At their worst, they can be fatal and are responsible for over 60,000 deaths in North America each year.

    A World Without Pressure Ulcers

  • Smart-e-pants

    The Smart-e-Pants stimulator sends an electrical current for 10 seconds every 10 minutes. These electrical currents cause brief muscle contractions that mimic postural adjustments that able-bodied people make subconsciously ('figdeting').  These muscle contraction conteract the physiological effects of long sustained pressure on soft tissue by reforming the muscle tissue, increasing blood flow and reoxygenating the area.

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  • Patient Testimonial
    There’s something you have to understand about people with spinal cord injuries. No matter how severe the injury, we all hope to walk again one day. A system like Smart-e-Pants has the potential to keep us in better health for when that day comes.

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Prev Biotech Inc. has developed an innovative product for preventing pressure ulcers (also know as bedsores) called Smart-e-Pants™ based on our company’s intermittent electrical stimulation (IES) platform technology. Pressure ulcers are an enormous health care burden that is prevalent throughout the healthcare system, from intensive care to continuing and home care. US hospitals spend over $11 billion/yr in non-reimbursable costs for the treatment of pressure ulcers. IES delivers a minute electrical stimulation to cause muscle contractions and mimic ‘fidgeting’, a natural subconscious response to prevent pressure ulcers. Those with mobility or sensation impairment may lack the ability to fidget and so are at risk of developing a pressure ulcer. The Smart-e-Pants product is the first of its kind to address pressure ulcers by restoring fidgeting.

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