Flash trek broken mirror 2 download

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Flash trek broken mirror 2

Kongregate free online game Flash Trek: Broken Mirror 2 - An improved upon version of Vex Xiangs broken mirror 2 which was left unfinished. FlashTrek: Broken Mirror. Skip. Episode 2, Rebirth of the Empire The Earth Empire fought against the. Klingon revolt, leaving a path of. Play Flash Trek Broken Mirror 2 – From prevbiotech.com Build up your army , world and ship to fight for your life!.

Flashtrek: Assault. Flashtrek 3, 4, and 5 are incomplete. There are hacked versions of some of the games (Broken Mirror 1, 2, and 4). In addition to the Star Trek. This is the second episode of Fleshtrek: Broken Mirror. You keep fighting to restore the empire. You can join one of the 7 nations and need to. Description. Flash Trek is a very complex Star Trek space based strategy game. C - open cargo Panel. Rating. 2. Rate This Game. Bookmark and Share.

Play Flash Trek Broken Mirror 2 Hacked. The Flash Trek crew are back and must take on a new enemy. While the Klingons and The Earth.

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