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Replicatorg sailfish

It looks like the ReplicatorG sailfish thing at is gone. Has it been deprecated in favour of something else. Sailfish is the next generation of the Jetty Firmware. Supports: Cupcake, Thing-o-Matic, Replicator 1, Replicator 2/2X, Clone R1 line, Avatar/QiDi line, CTC line, FlashForge Creator line, MBot3D line, WanHao Duplicator 4 line, ZYYX line, and other Replicator 1 and 2 clones. Thing Files - - Apps. To download the latest version of the Sailfish / Jetty Firmware, in ReplicatorG - Sailfish: Make sure that you have the latest version of ReplicatorG - Sailfish. V76 v46 - Sailfish Documentation - 6 Installing Sailfish - V77 v

Otherwise, Conveyor will prevent ReplicatorG from downloading firmware to your printer. After you have installed Sailfish, you can restart Conveyor if you wish. ReplicatorG is used by thousands of MakerBot Operators, and has printed tens of for Cupcake, TOM (Download Sailfish firmware directly from ReplicatorG) Download - M Codes - How to Use ReplicatorG - Installation Instructions. Select the entry that best describes your machine. If you have an unusual machine or one that does not appear in this menu, you may need to add a profile for it.

Dan Newman has been making lots of changes in "ReplicatorG-Sailfish", an enhanced fork of ReplicatorG that support Makerbots running the. 11 Aug - 6 min - Uploaded by ReabowRotors I found it a royal pain in the bum to try install the sailfish software to the ctc printer using the. To do this, launch "ReplicatorG 39 - Sailfish" and then, using the "Machine Type ( Driver)". Sailfish but I can't get it to work for some reason. We have the correct ReplicatorG version and followed instructions we found to the T but I can't.

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