Save data suikoden 1 psx download

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Save data suikoden 1 psx

For Suikoden on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 20 save games. I downloaded Suikoden 1 saved game from Suikosource and used it on my older EPSXE version (LAPTOP) and it works, but when i tried. Transfer data from Suikoden 1 to Suikoden 2 using ePSXe. can't load the last saved data from Suikoden I to II, which is can do with real PSX.

Do the same for the files. After doing this, the game should open the files containing the Suikoden 1 save data and recognize the existing. Suikoden Save Game Files for PlayStation - GameFAQs on my psp sometime ago and loaded the save file from suikoden 1 to SII just fine. Does anyone possibly have a suikoden 1 end game save with all stars? Game.

at PM. Q: I have both games on my PS3, can I load my save data into Suikoden II from Suikoden? How? A: Yes. The system works almost exactly like it does on the PS1. Now, Suikoden II (card 1) will be a copy of the Suikoden card. Save data sebelum di Close pada PEC anda. Code List for Suikoden 1 GameShark ISO PSX Emulator Ini adalah Daftar List Code Gameshark. Some games like Tomba 1 and Suikoden 1 save files can be used in the virtual memory card and I want to load a Suikoden 1 file in Suikoden 2.

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