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program: 3DCG and TMOProportion 3DCG edited with TMOProportion. PLEASE HELP!!! i decided to make a tall NJXA body for 3DCG with TmoProportion, everything just fine but som sliders.. they are hidden and i., , r, , 3dcustom, marged tsoview- TPOEditor. Properties ยท r, , nomeu, added TMOProportion.

3DCG Mod Reference Site: TMOProportion. 3DCG TMOProportion This is my favorite Model 3DCG TMOProportion. I can't get the "TMOProportion" edited version into MikumikuDance. When I run it through the "PMDEditor"I lose the "TMOProportion" edited.

3 Apr An file collection for use with tmoproportion. x view same iqdb saucenao google report. Tmoproportion a program which. 3 May Or, if you want the fresh ones, check the 3DCG thread on hongfire, there i tried downloading a program called TMOProportion because it. TMOProportion lets me to tweak the proportions, sure, but what if I want to make the character really small or really large? I've seen it done in.

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