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A few months after our launch we had already attracted our 10 Millionth unique visitor, over 70 Million search queries had been conducted on, we. I' was a search engine built on top of social-cultural Islamic values. The search engines algorithm differed from regular search engines because the . Founded in , Lunarpages is a leading provider of managed hosting services with over customers, providing secure and reliable IT.

It All Ends Here: On why the I'mHalal search engine has been shut down: http:// It All Ends Here . matches Web content and Islamic Law. While the Internet's ability to bring a diverse range of information to a wide population is. Reza Sardeha, 20 years old CEO of AZS Media Group LTD has founded ImHalal, a Muslim search engine to serve content from around the.

ImHalal is the world's first Halal search engine, designed to protect Islamic users from content forbidden by the religion. Launched at the.

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