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Wipers is this real blogspot

INFO. 13/11/ For security reasons all files are protected by password. The password is: prevbiotech.com Included is Is This Real?, Youth Of America, Over The Edge, Land of http://www prevbiotech.com,prevbiotech.com Wipers are a three piece from Portland,Oregon and they played some great punk rock to knock the flannels right off your back before even put.

A must for this day are the Wipers, music for eternity in my opinion and We always had a good time with them. A bit info to this: Misunderstood. One more true gem for a band I like a lot: This is a Wipers tribute album which was originally released as a box set of four colored 7-inch. The mediafire link is uploaded and shared by deadboy. Garage punk, New Wave, Post-punk, Punk-rock album o disco Wipers - Is This Real?.

Request: I had a request for the last three Wipers release starting with this one but could not find the last two in my files, 'Herd' and 'Silver'. Basically the brainchild of singer/guitarist Greg Sage, The Wipers also consisted of bassist Brad Davidson and drummer Brad Naish.

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