Primefaces file content type download

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Primefaces file content type

@ManagedBean @ViewScoped public class DownloadBean implements Serializable { private String path; private String contentType; public. Is there some way to get the Contenttype / Mimetype from the UloadedFile Right now you might use file extension to find out the content type. How can I set the content type in the response? If you want to stream the File with you need

Learn how to get information about an uploaded file (eg MIME type/content type, size and name). Also learn how to save and process an uploaded file. The request content-type is not a multipart/form-data. Likewise I'm having the same problems with the PrimeFaces file upload tag p:fileUpload. Currently we can set allowed types using 'accept' attribute, but a star, then it compares file extension ( to mime type (e.g. image/jpeg).

h:head >. Content-Type" content = "text/html; charset=ISO- " />. JSF PrimeFaces File Upload Example. ServletException: The request content-type is not a multipart/form-data that's why it works correctly in JSF which didn't have a native file upload parser yet. Hi, I am working on JSF In my xhtml file am including a java script by saying. Instead of showing our PDF file, it simply tells us not to set an illegal content type. We checked the MIME type settings both of Liferay and our.

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