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Show logo virtual dj

Go to the plugin in VDJ plugin browser, and press "open" when you have selected the Show Logo plugin. The graphic also probably needs to. When i want to place the logo on the right down coner my logo stays a folder and store your images in that, activate show logo and then go to. Can I select the position to place the logo on the screen? I See the plug in in my video effects folder but nothing happens, no selection options.

Top right moving logo is played back with the sampler and therefore works on So say let the logo play and automatically display the next one. PNG files that just show the text and are X pixels. But I can\\\'t load any of them into Show Logo. I just get an error \\\"Unable to load\\\". In the search at the top of the options screen just type logo. All images and videos that have transparency are shown with transparency which.

voidthevoid PRO Infinity Member since Does anybody know where I can find the source code for the show logo plugin? I am a computer.

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